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Old Blues


Jazz Festivals in Russia
a brief guide

Branford Marsalis Quartet performing at the Manor.Jazz Festival near Moscow, Russia, in June, 2009 (photo by Pavel Korbut)

This temporary page is compiled for the benefit of those jazz artists and their agents who look for the opportunity to perform at the numerous jazz festivals in Russia. This is not a comprehensive guide; we do have a comprehensive guide, but it's in Russian, and we need time to translate it. Meanwhile, you may find this page beneficial as well.

Please note that Jazz.Ru portal (where you have just reached) is, ultimately, a Web representation of Russia's jazz magazine under the same name (Jazz.Ru,) which means that we are NOT connected with any jazz festival, jazz club, or venue; we are no booking agents, no promoters, no festival organizers, and cannot take tour queries from artists or their agents ourselves.
We share the information that we have; this is all that we can do. If you need to contact us, do so anyway!
This page updates regularly, so please check back soon for more festivals (there is several dozens of them in Russia.) We are also intended to add jazz club contacts soon, at least for Moscow and St.Petersburg. Thank you!


Festival Contacts & more info

Spring/summer season

Triumph of Jazz (Triumf Jazza)
Moscow, early February (since 1999), the Moscow House of Music, 1.700 seats
Past headliners: Ahmad Jamal, Toots Thielemans, Joe Lovano, Elvin Jones, Take 6,  Lee Konitz, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Igor Butman Big Band etc.
organized by Butman Music
Web site
Le Jazz
Moscow and St.Petersburg, April (since 2005); major clubs in Moscow (up to 500 listeners each,) City Philharmonic in St.Petersburg
French jazz festival, co-produced with Centre Culturel Francais in Moscow. All things jazz from la belle France: jazz, fusion, jazz manouche etc. Other countries please don't bother!
Past headliners: Nguyen Le, Silvain Luc, Mina Agossi, Elizabeth Kantomanou, Jean-Michel Pilc, Laurent de Wilde, BojanZ, Juilen Loureau, Henri Texier, Olivier KerOurio, Jacky Terrasson, Michel Portal etc.
organized by ArtMania
Festival Web site

Producer: Maria Semushkina
Manor.Jazz (Usadba.Jazz)
Arkhangelskoe Manor, near Moscow, early June (since 2004), five outdoor stages, up to 20.000 listeners
Past headliners: Yusef Lateef, Avishai Cohen, Billy Cobham, Nils Landgren Funk Unit, Marcus Miller, Branford Marsalis
organized by ArtMania
Festival Web site
Music director: Elena Malashonok
Dubna (Moscow Region), every July and November (since 2007), city concert hall (900 seats, November) or outdoors (July)
multi-stylistic festival that embraces jazz, fusion, ethno, electronica, even prog rock; no mainstream in any style, please!
organized by MuzEnergo
Festival Web site
Producer: Iouri Lnogradski
Don Chento Jazz
Kaliningrad, Russia's western exclave near the Baltic Sea shores, sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania (early August, since 2006), city park amphitheatre, outdoors, up to 10.000 listeners
smooth jazz, fusion, soul, blues, jazz, mostly European and local acst
Past headliners: Us3, Incognito, Richard Galliano, Manhattan Transfer, De Phazz
organized by Don Chento Productions
Festival Web site
Production team e-mail

Autumn/winter season

Jazz at the Hermitage Garden
Moscow, Hermitage Garden (outdoor, up to 3.000 listeners a day), Friday to Sunday in the twenties of August (since 1998)
Local, European, Latin American, and U.S. acts
Past headliners: Adam Makovicz, Randy Brecker, Lew Tabackin, Pago Libre, Larry Wilis, Gary Bartz, Gary Smulyan, Alex Sipiagin, Igor Butman
2008 review in JazzTimes
organized by EverGreen Jazz
Producer: Mikhail "Don Miguel" Green
Arkhangelsk Jazz Days
Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk, Northern Russia (near White Sea), every September since 1982
Jazz, new jazz, avant jazz, improv -- mostly Russian and Scandinavian acts, but also Americans, non-Scandinavian Europeans, Japanese improvisers etc.
Organized by Archangelsk Jazz Development Fund
Festival Web site

English site
Producer: Vladimir Turov
City Jazz
Moscow, October (since 2006); no plans for 2010
Past headliners: Dave Fiuczynski, Eric Truffaz, Marcus Miller, The Bad Plus etc.
organized by ArtMania
Festival Web site

Producer: Maria Semushkina
Sib Jazz Fest
Novosibirsk, Siberia, late October (relaunch in 2010)
Jazz, avant, fusion -- 2010: Oliver Lake, Stanley Jordan, Kevin Mahogany, Mike Stern, Ann Hampton Calloway, Richard Galliano etc.
Organized by Novosibirsk Philharmonic Society
2010 festival
Philharmonic society director: Aleksandr Nazimko
Dubna (Moscow Region), every July and November (since 2007), city concert hall (900 seats, November) or outdoors (July)
multi-stylistic festival that embraces jazz, fusion, ethno, electronica, even prog rock; no mainstream in any style, please!
organized by MuzEnergo
Festival Web site
Producer: Iouri Lnogradski
Jazz Province
Weeklong (early November, since 1997) touring festival in 10 to 15 major cities in European part of Russia, with headquarters in Kursk (and shows in Belgorod, Orel, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Tula etc.), up to 2.000 listeners in each city
Jazz, fusion, ethno jazz; American, European, Japanese and local acts; past headliners - New York Voices, Mike Clark Band
organized by Leonid Vintskevich
Festival Web site

Producer: Leonid Vintskevich
Jazz Voices
Moscow, early December (since 1995), House of Journalists (200 seats)
Local, European, and American participants, mostly with local rhythm sections
organized by Jazz Art Club
Director: Alex Eidelman
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